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I’m Jon Law the Vegan Heath blogger. I live in Balsall HEATH in Birmingham, England and have been vegan for yonks (since May 1995). Although originally there didn’t seem to be very many in the area, there’s now plenty in the Moseley Vegans. I am often told that I “don’t look like a vegan”, as I am not exactly wasting away. I do like exercise and healthy eating is very important to me.

Vegan Athletes

These days there are plenty of vegan bodybuilders and athletes. My favourites are

  • Patrik Baboumian – immense strongman from Germany
  • Rich Roll – amazing Ironman triathlete from the US, his book is brilliant
  • Brendan Brazier – Canadian ultra-endurance athlete, he has some great sport recipes
  • Pat Reeves – powerlifter and cancer survivor through plant based food therapy. Awesome woman

Seeing as I love cooking and ‘creating’ lots of recipes, I’ve decided to share them out a bit on the Vegan Heath blog. I’m also going to review vegan related things too, like goods, places to eat and local Vegan events. No doubt there will be the odd bit of politics too, but not in an evangelical way…..

ChiRunning barefoot…

Since deciding to run the Birmingham Half Marathon there’s a bit about running on here. Not obviously Vegan Heath but it does sit nicely with the healthy theme of the blog. So running tips and thoughts and other fitness related posts are a useful addition to Vegan Heath.

Juicing and Superfoods

Then there’s healthy vegan food. I’m a big fan of juicing vegetables, organic if possible. It makes you feel great! Superfoods are fab too, I just love filling up me bod with all the good guys while generally avoiding the bad uns.

This Vegan Heath blog has been and will carry on being a blast!

Vegan Heath Qualifications

I was recently asked about my own personal validity to write about coconut oil as I critiqued the views of someone famous, although I’d never heard of him. So for the record, I am not a nutritionist or a dietician I have been to University and studied for and achieved a PhD in Sports Science at the University of Birmingham.

And I have had some of the work published in the Journal of Sports & Exercise Psychology. So I do have experience of reading, deciphering and criticizing published, peer reviewed work as part of my PhD and for as a peer reviewer for a Journal while at the University of Birmingham.

Vegan Peeps on Twitter

Here’s some interesting vegan peeps on twitter, occasionally, anyway…!

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  1. hi,

    iam jeevan, i work at your favourite place called delhi, hope u remember me now, i have seen the website and the work is quite impressive. keep posting good stuff for vegans.


  2. Hi Jeevan

    Glad you managed to take a look at the review. I do so love your dinners……

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