5 Minutes at the World Food Prize – What I Wish I’d Said | Frances Moore Lappe

(Francis Moore Lappe) spoke in Des Moines, Iowa, last Friday at the World Food Prize, where the day before three biotech scientists and executives, including a Monsanto executive vice-president, received the 2013 honor.

Not exactly where you’d expect to see me?

I was there because the courageous, sustainable agriculture leader, Dr. Hans Herren — 1995 World Food Prize Laureate — invited me to join his panel. I knew that in the five minutes allotted each panelist, I couldn’t change minds. But, maybe, I thought, I could create a moment of dissonance for a few.

I chose not to focus on the seed, but on the system it powers. Not only do GMOs not help end hunger, I argued, but they reinforce the extreme power imbalances at the root of hunger.

via My 5 Minutes at the World Food Prize Honoring a Monsanto Exec — What I Wish I’d Said | Frances Moore Lappe.

This article goes on to explain the shocking attitude and misinformation of the pro-GMO, Monsanto loving crowd. It’s extraordinary that they won this prize and does seem to be against the spirit of the prize. It’s pretty sickening stuff.

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