Vegan travel tips – four that will help you out

I noticed these vegan travel tips on a tweeted link. There’s some great ones here. These are my fave four.

The first and my fave out of all ten vegan travel tips from

Save your leftovers in a super cool way: “I bought a collapsible food container so I don’t have to create more trash! It scrunches down to fit in my backpack and then expands to be gigantic! Made by Aladdin, it has a screw on top so it won’t leak. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and bpa-free. It shipped in one day with two other sizes from amazon.” – Mike Sisson

Vegan Travel Tips - Collapsible food container
Photo by Mike Sisson

Second Tip

Carry lemons: “I bring a lemon with me. That way, I can have warm lemon water in the A.M., no matter what hotel or airport I’m stuck in.” – Ashlee Piper

Old but still brill…

International travelers don’t go hungry: Thanks to Vegetarian Guides you won’t have to repeat or frantically gesture “no dairy” louder and with more pizazz until everyone is confused and you end up receiving your meal with dairy in it anyway, left to explore an exciting new place on an empty stomach. No Siree! Pick up a copy of Vegetarian Guides’ Vegan Passport which includes the most helpful vegan lingo, in 73 languages!

Vegan travel tips - Vegan Passport
Photo by Jill Pyle


Fourth Tip

Spice things up: “I purchased a couple of glass spice bottles. Perfect size for traveling for a few days, which I do for work every month. I’ve put my greens powder in there for my afternoon green juice, my chia seeds for later, add water for mixing, or coconut milk yogurt, or a smoothie. I’m sure there are 10,000 more uses for these nifty travel size glass bottles, too!” – Lizette B. Suxo

via 10 Vegan Travel Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed | Will Travel For Vegan Food.

There’s ten vegan travel tips in total, but these four are my faves. I do really like the collapsible food container. That really is a brilliant idea. I’ve been on holiday and endured days of chips and salad in a resort until finding some local food. I wanted to take a lot more of that with me, this little beauty would have done the trick. I can’t find the one shown here on Amazon but there’s a cheap alternative with a great review, I might just get this set of three collapsible bowls.

Brand new 1.4l Collapsible Bowl with Lid 4 colours

Lemons, or your own tea bags would do it. I so often take it for granted that tea means, herbal or fruity. I can forget that regular peeps don’t get that, bringing your own means you can get something decent… The spice pots are a good idea for carrying superfood powders. Although I’d probably settle for jars or tubs to do the trick!

And the good old vegan passport is an oldy but an oh so goody!

Anyone know any more vegan travel tips? A little trick you always use, perhaps?

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